Overarching Business Philosophy

Cultivate Ventures understands that completing a development project or building a successful company takes far more than a bold idea, some talent and capital — it takes real execution. That is why we designed our boutique investment and advisory services to be hyper-targeted, tailored and aligned with our investor’s and client’s individual needs.


Our private equity investment portfolio is focused specifically on providing unique, domain-centric opportunities in private companies and real estate.

We design investments to specifically optimize opportunity and compounding value through an alternative investment thesis that targets yields derived from inefficient markets.

For direct investments, we target operating companies where we have specific and notable domain expertise and vast networks - most importantly food, agriculture and the wellness sectors.

For real estate investments, we target industrial assets with a clear adapt-reuse play where rates of return are driven by our ability to purchase undervalued properties and post-retrofit, secure leases and exit value per square foot materially higher than normal market rates.


Our advisory services are designed specifically to support investors and companies broadly drive value through optimizing uses of capital, improving operations and reducing cost, and facilitating opportunities to identify liquidity. Typically these advisory services are focused in four main areas:

  • Business Plan and Financial Optimization.

  • Capital / Investment Planning and Execution.

  • Merger and Acquisitions.

  • Strategic Sourcing / Market Expansion.

Our investor clients tend to be individual investors, family offices and private equity investors requiring targeted support with non-liquid investment assets - properties, companies, etc.

Our company clients come from high growth markets including but limited to hydroponic agriculture, food retail and distribution, food centric ecommerce, food media and advertising, and disruptive and appropriate agriculture technology.

Qualified Opportunity Funds

As part of the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the “Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Program” was enacted to drive long-term economic development throughout the U.S., using a series of tax deferment and reduction incentives to encourage private investment (via Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs).

Given the potentially significant tax benefit this program provides to investors, Cultivate Ventures launched its CVCOF Qualified Opportunity Fund. Our fund is designed to specifically target $250m+ in qualified, long-term, and high-yield adapted-reuse industrial real estate equity investments.

We also expanded our advisory service offerings to include operational, fund management and transactional support for investors interested in investing in QOF structures, but wanted more direct control their investments. Our “Co-GP” model is all inclusive, overseeing all aspects of QOF fund design, placement, oversight and compliance.